How To Be Your Best Self!

How To Be Your Best Self!

You can discover how to be your best self by following these simple and straight forward steps:

  • How to be your best self- Step 1

*Identify your purpose
If you are drifting through life without direction, with the hope to discover contentment, health and wealth, then you need to determine your life purpose or mission statement and you will have your own distinctive compass that will guide you to your truth north all the time.


  • How to be your best self- Step 2

* Know your values
What do you value most? List your top three values. Compare and contrast your goals against your values. If the goal doesn’t align with any of your top three values get rid of it.

  • How to be your best self- Step 3

* Determine your needs
Unmet needs will stop you from living a genuine life. Take care of yourself. List your top five needs and get them met before it’s too late!

  • How to be your best self- Step 4

* What are your passions?
You know who you are and what you truthfully like in life. Express yourself and honour the people who have inspired you to become the very person you wanted to be.

  • How to be your best self- Step 5

* Live from the inside out
Commune with nature by breathing deeply to quiet your distracted mind and learn to listen to what your heart is saying.


  • How to be your best self- Step 6

*Honour your strengths
What are your positive traits? Find ways to express your authentic self through your strengths. You can increase your self-confidence when you willingly share what you know with others.


  • How to be your best self- Step 7

* Serve others
When you live genuinely, you will find out that you develop an interconnected sense of being. When you are true to who you are, living your purpose and giving of your talents to the world around you, you give back in service what you came to share with others -your spirit – your essence. The rewards for sharing your gift with those close to you are indeed pleasing, much more if it were to be the eyes of a stranger who can appreciate what you have done to them.


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